About us

As our mission states, "Rockman Labs pretends to be the biggest and best web with original and unique content about the Rockman universe". Right now, we are far from accomplishing that mission ^_^ , but we are not giving up.

Rockman Labs was created and is mantained by alraz (all lowercase), with frecuent help from The Mexican Lynx (aka, The Cat) and some other friends every once in a while.

We focus mainly on original content. We don't want to deliver you stuff that's already in every Rockman site that there is like "series information", "characters profiles", etc. Instead, we try to deliver something you have never seen before, like fast and furios game guides, reviews made by ourselves, fan art, fanfics and more fan stuff created either by us or by the fan community. Sometimes we do deliver content that it's easily found in other sites, like news and guides, be we always try to keep the originality as a standard.

If you want to contact us, you can do it by email, which is my user name at rockmanlabs.com.

We hope you enjoy the site and come to visit us regularily :) .