MvC combos - Unused material

Compilation of some things that we didn't end up using in the final MvC123 combo video

Fun facts of the combo video:

  • We started recording on July 21st 2012, and gathered to record every 2 or 3 weeks. We recorded the final combos on December 16, except for a few "last minute combos".
  • The footage contains both compressed and uncompressed videos that add up to 155 GB.
  • In the MvC1 combos, wherever you don't see the "training mode" bar at the bottom, that's me playing arcade mode against the CPU.
  • In the MvC2 combos, I always play with "Golden" colored Rockman, all other colors are played by Shadow Tenshi.
  • Some of the combos and tricks that you see in the MvC2 section are recorded from actual matches between me and Shadow Tenshi. Some others are fake matches.
  • There are other things that didn't make it into the final video, but, stupidly, I deleted them. Sorry.
  • I don't own UMvC3, I did the Zero combo using Shadow Tenshi's copy of the game. It took me about 2 hours to figure out and the final version took about another hour to pull off.
  • I do the final combo of every section/game (Except for the credits), and actually I only did the final combo of the UMvC3 section, all other UMvC3 combos are by Shadow Tenshi.
  • As stated in the video itself, we did NOT use tools, emulators, key loggers or anything "TAS" related. We only used turbo functionality in one or two of the clips. See if you can guess where.
  • The video was originally going to be a "Zero combo video for UMvC3". Tenshi-san came out with the idea. Almost all of the combos that you see in the background of the credits section where supposedly going to be it. Shadow Tenshi noticed that they were way too basic and decided to add a few MvC2 combos... Suddenly  we ended up doing a 25th anniversary combo video.
  • I have a MadCatz arcade stick, but Shadow Tenshi HATES IT. He made all of his combos using a regular XBox 360 controller.
  • Shadow Tenshi has been among the best 100 players of MvC2 online ranked matches. 
  • We ate lots of tacos during the making of the 25th anniversary combo video!


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