Japanese vs Non Japanese manuals


A Quick video on clear as day differences on manuals outside of Japan.

In english, no subs. Sorry for my crappy english, as always.

Rockman The Hedgehog


Mega Man Custom Pop


Mega Man X: Maverick Rising


Amazing remixes from pretty much all of the Rockman/Mega Man X series :D .

You can download the torrent from:

Building a Mega Man Zero plastic model


Here you have some images of the building and ensambling of this amazing Mega Man Zero plastic model by Kotobukiya.

Notice that the final build is a little different (The left hand and the Z-Sabre on the right one); those parts were ensabled later and I didn't take picts of that. Sorries.



Mega Man X on Retron 3 (Sucks!!)


This is a capture test for a Retron 3 console.
See it here.

Rockman combo Exhibition


A combo video also featuring some strategies with Rockman in this game which seems to ressist the time passing. Don't miss the last combo!

Building a Roll plastic model


Here are some pictures of the building of this 1/10th scale plastic model of Roll. She was a little harder to build than Rock and Blues, but not by too much.

Pay special attention to pictures 7 through 10...

Building a Blues plastic model


I leave here pictures of the building of Blues' plastic model. It's supposed to be a 1/10th of scale but I found out it has an error: He's a bit taller than Rockman due to his neck being taller to give space for his plastic bandana.

 Enjoy  :D



MvC2 - Shadow Tenshi vs M2B iOverTime


 Shadow Tenshi shows why he rocks with Rockman.

Rockman, Cable, Sentinel
Sentinel, Magneto, Cyclops

TvC - Rock Volnutt combo exhibitions


Rock Volnutt combo exhibitions in TvC (both regular and UAS)

Roll Combo exhibition (3 vids!!)


Searching (again) on YouTube, I found this series of videos featuring Roll Combos!!

They have been added here with permission from the author. Thanks to Talon IceHawk for allowing us to use this material.

Volume 1:

MegaMan 3 - TopMan's stage fan-music


 I was a little disappointed that TopMan's Stage music wasnt in any of the anyversary arrange albums (In case you don't Know, Capcom made 2 arrange albums of MegaMan games from 1 to 6, one Rock Arrange and one Techno Arrange), so I searched YouTube for some Fan-Made versions of this song. Here is what I found.

This first guy plays the song pretty much like it's original version (you can even hear the NES song in the background)

101hit combo in 4:00


Speed run of No. 5's stage getting 100% absorption on (almost) all enemies

Mighty No. 9 Demo speedruns


Dashing at full speed on all the demo levels. Enjoy



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