Long Story Short - Mega Man Legends


This "long story short" series is some sort of play through, but editing out most of the game play, focusing a lot more on the story instead. You can get the whole Mega Man Legends story in the episodes below.

Episode 1:

Mega Man 7 - All special items with Rush search


This quick video shows you the location of all of the hidden special items that you can find using Rush Search. Enjoy.

Byt the way: I know it's spelled "Portrat", not "potrait". Sorry for that typo ^_^

Voice acting cast for MN9 revealed


In the 2015-02-09 update, comcept announced who will be the actors who will give voice to the Mighty No. 9 characters. The final list is:

MegaMan X4 - 100% in one hour


As the name suggests, this video shows you how to finish the game with 100% of items in just one hour (and 34 seconds...)

The intention is to show you where all of the items are, how to get them and how to finish the stages with ease. It's not exactly a speedrun, but there is a little bit of that too.


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