Everything about the hero of justice


NEws related to the blue bomber

Fan works

We all love Rockman and this is a small bit proof of it.

MvC combos - Unused material


Compilation of some things that we didn't end up using in the final MvC123 combo video

Mega Man 1-10: All weapon gets and displays


A video showing all of the classic Mega Man games weapon gets, and display/shows/previews for games from 1 to 10, plus a few extras.

Rock of Ages


My entry to the Rock of ages contest.

From 2013-03-06

Rockman fanart


This is my complete collection of Rockman fan art that I've managed to get from the web

Rockman combo Exhibition in MvC1, 2 and 3


Combos with Rockman (and related characters) in all 3 versions of Marvel vs Capcom

Rockcan sound E-Tank quick review


A quick review of this awesome musick packed E-Tank.

Let's play - Marvel vs Capcom origins with Mega Man / Rockman


So... A quick video of me playing this game with Rockman...
ah... it brings memories...
those were the days T_T

I played a little bit with Wolverine too. This is a two character game, you know? ;)

25th Anniversary Rockman OST E-Tank


Here are some pictures of the 25th Anniversary Rockman OST E-Tank.

This first one shows the package as you get it. The XBox game is there just for size refference.

Japanese vs Non Japanese manuals


A Quick video on clear as day differences on manuals outside of Japan.

In english, no subs. Sorry for my crappy english, as always.


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