Mega Man 1-10: All weapon gets and displays


A video showing all of the classic Mega Man games weapon gets, and display/shows/previews for games from 1 to 10, plus a few extras.

Rock of Ages


My entry to the Rock of ages contest.

From 2013-03-06

Rockman fanart


This is my complete collection of Rockman fan art that I've managed to get from the web

Rockman combo Exhibition in MvC1, 2 and 3


Combos with Rockman (and related characters) in all 3 versions of Marvel vs Capcom

Rockman 25th anniversary fan game

Rockcan sound E-Tank quick review


A quick review of this awesome musick packed E-Tank.

Let's play - Marvel vs Capcom origins with Mega Man / Rockman


So... A quick video of me playing this game with Rockman...
ah... it brings memories...
those were the days T_T

I played a little bit with Wolverine too. This is a two character game, you know? ;)

25th Anniversary Rockman OST E-Tank


Here are some pictures of the 25th Anniversary Rockman OST E-Tank.

This first one shows the package as you get it. The XBox game is there just for size refference.

Japanese vs Non Japanese manuals


A Quick video on clear as day differences on manuals outside of Japan.

In english, no subs. Sorry for my crappy english, as always.

Rockman The Hedgehog


Mega Man Custom Pop


Rockman combo Exhibition


A combo video also featuring some strategies with Rockman in this game which seems to ressist the time passing. Don't miss the last combo!

Building a Blues plastic model


I leave here pictures of the building of Blues' plastic model. It's supposed to be a 1/10th of scale but I found out it has an error: He's a bit taller than Rockman due to his neck being taller to give space for his plastic bandana.

 Enjoy  :D



MegaMan 3 - TopMan's stage fan-music


 I was a little disappointed that TopMan's Stage music wasnt in any of the anyversary arrange albums (In case you don't Know, Capcom made 2 arrange albums of MegaMan games from 1 to 6, one Rock Arrange and one Techno Arrange), so I searched YouTube for some Fan-Made versions of this song. Here is what I found.

This first guy plays the song pretty much like it's original version (you can even hear the NES song in the background)

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