Rockcan sound E-Tank quick review


A quick review of this awesome musick packed E-Tank.

25th Anniversary Rockman OST E-Tank


Here are some pictures of the 25th Anniversary Rockman OST E-Tank.

This first one shows the package as you get it. The XBox game is there just for size refference.

Mega Man X: Maverick Rising


Amazing remixes from pretty much all of the Rockman/Mega Man X series :D .

You can download the torrent from:

MegaMan 3 - TopMan's stage fan-music


 I was a little disappointed that TopMan's Stage music wasnt in any of the anyversary arrange albums (In case you don't Know, Capcom made 2 arrange albums of MegaMan games from 1 to 6, one Rock Arrange and one Techno Arrange), so I searched YouTube for some Fan-Made versions of this song. Here is what I found.

This first guy plays the song pretty much like it's original version (you can even hear the NES song in the background)

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