MvC combos - Unused material


Compilation of some things that we didn't end up using in the final MvC123 combo video

Rockman combo Exhibition in MvC1, 2 and 3


Combos with Rockman (and related characters) in all 3 versions of Marvel vs Capcom

Let's play - Marvel vs Capcom origins with Mega Man / Rockman


So... A quick video of me playing this game with Rockman...
ah... it brings memories...
those were the days T_T

I played a little bit with Wolverine too. This is a two character game, you know? ;)

Rockman combo Exhibition


A combo video also featuring some strategies with Rockman in this game which seems to ressist the time passing. Don't miss the last combo!

Roll Combo exhibition (3 vids!!)


Searching (again) on YouTube, I found this series of videos featuring Roll Combos!!

They have been added here with permission from the author. Thanks to Talon IceHawk for allowing us to use this material.

Volume 1:

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